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Perf_modules.h File Reference
#include "Perf.h"
#include "../Core/module_node.h"
#include "RR.h"
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#define N   module::Node
#define NODE   module::Node::Get()
#define OUTPUT   NODE->trace(N::APPLICATION)


void start ()
void stop ()
template<class T >
Decision decide (T *p)
template<class T >
void react (T *p)
void react (SystemReady *p)
void react (ReturnBall *p)
void react (Ball *p)


int64_t startTime = 0
int64_t endTime = 0
int32_t runCount = 0

Macro Definition Documentation

#define N   module::Node
#define NODE   module::Node::Get()
#define OUTPUT   NODE->trace(N::APPLICATION)

Function Documentation

template<class T >
Decision decide ( T *  p)
template<class T >
void react ( T *  p)
void react ( SystemReady p)
void react ( ReturnBall p)
void react ( Ball p)
void start ( )

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void stop ( )

Variable Documentation

int64_t endTime = 0
int32_t runCount = 0
int64_t startTime = 0