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r_exec::LObject Class Reference

#include <object.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LObject (r_code::Mem *mem=NULL)
 LObject (r_code::SysObject *source)
virtual ~LObject ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from r_exec::Object< r_code::LObject, LObject >
virtual ~Object ()
r_code::Viewbuild_view (SysView *source)
virtual bool is_invalidated ()
virtual bool invalidate ()
void compute_hash_value ()
double get_psln_thr ()
void acq_views ()
void rel_views ()
void acq_markers ()
void rel_markers ()
void set (uint16_t member_index, double value)
void mod (uint16_t member_index, double value)
Viewget_view (Code *group, bool lock)
void kill ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from r_code::LObject
 LObject ()
 LObject (SysObject *source)
Viewbuild_view (SysView *source)
uint64_t get_oid () const
void set_oid (uint64_t oid)
Atomcode (uint16_t i)
Atomcode (uint16_t i) const
uint16_t code_size () const
void resize_code (uint16_t new_size)
void set_reference (uint16_t i, Code *object)
Codeget_reference (uint16_t i) const
uint16_t references_size () const
void clear_references ()
void set_references (std::vector< P< Code > > &new_references)
void add_reference (Code *object) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from r_code::Code
void set_stroage_index (int64_t i)
bool is_registered () const
int64_t get_storage_index () const
virtual bool is_compact () const
 Code ()
virtual ~Code ()
virtual Viewget_view (Code *group, bool lock)
void remove_marker (Code *m)
void trace () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from core::_Object
virtual ~_Object ()
void incRef ()
virtual void decRef ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool RequiresPacking ()
static LObjectPack (Code *object, r_code::Mem *mem)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from r_code::Code
r_code::list< Code * > markers
std::unordered_set< View *, View::Hash, View::Equalviews
- Static Public Attributes inherited from r_code::Code
static const int64_t null_storage_index = -1
static const uint64_t CodeMarkersInitialSize = 8
- Protected Member Functions inherited from r_exec::Object< r_code::LObject, LObject >
 Object ()
 Object (r_code::Mem *mem)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from r_code::Code
void load (SysObject *source)
template<class V >
Viewbuild_view (SysView *source)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from core::_Object
 _Object ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from r_code::LObject
uint64_t _oid
r_code::vector< Atom_code
r_code::vector< P< Code > > _references
- Protected Attributes inherited from r_code::Code
int64_t storage_index
- Protected Attributes inherited from core::_Object
std::atomic_int_fast64_t refCount

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

r_exec::LObject::LObject ( r_code::Mem mem = NULL)
r_exec::LObject::LObject ( r_code::SysObject source)
virtual r_exec::LObject::~LObject ( )

Reimplemented from r_code::LObject.

Member Function Documentation

static LObject* r_exec::LObject::Pack ( Code object,
r_code::Mem mem 
static bool r_exec::LObject::RequiresPacking ( )

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